Surfer Rosa Communications specialises in marketing, communications and training for tourism, events, hospitality and creative industries.

We use effective communications, business acumen and a global professional network to create commercial partnerships, produce and publish compelling marketing content and design and deliver accredited skills training for companies, industry associations and government agencies.


For business clients, we represent and promote client product and services, broker and negotiate commercial partnerships, write compelling, award-winning submissions and business cases, conceive and implement innovative business development and marketing strategies and produce marketing content for use in digital, social and other media channels.

Industry Associations

We help industry associations develop and manage strategic relationships, implement revenue generating strategies to grow equity and engage members and stakeholders in your activities and initiatives.


We assist Australian government agencies to translate and extend economic, social and environmental policy and plans into industry sectors including tourism, hospitality, the arts, transport, restaurants and catering, retail and events. We use business acumen, market research and decades of understanding of public policy to interpret and communicate government initiatives through seminars, workshops, submissions and other consultation forums with the aim of gaining industry and community input and ultimately support.

Our mission is to create lasting value, partnerships and results for our clients using a versatile suite of business strategies, acumen, networks and experience. Read more about What We Do

Recent Posts

Capturing the Romance Of Rail

Great Southern Rail have nailed it with this promotional video for The Ghan, Australia’s quintessential outback journey. Vast majestic landscapes, the sense of place and history, the powerful mechanics,  the grand outback journey, and wonderfully authentic and evocative narrative from passionate young tourism and hospitality professionals. Well done GSR!

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