On Delayed Travel

It doesn’t matter how technologically sophisticated we think we’ve become, you can count on the elements to initiate chaos amongst travellers. Waking today to cords of rain I drove through the same to Gold Coast Airport. I should have twigged that something was up when i passed through checkin, security and passport control speedily. I alternately watched the cords of rain splash relentlessly on everything through the window and the departures monitor which by contrast showed no sign of life.

The Tannoy finally announced that the incoming plane we were due to depart on in 30 minutes had been diverted to Brisbane, and passengers were to make their way back through arrivals to board a coach who would transfer us to our waiting aircraft. All good.

We shuffled outside and joined the huddled masses destined for other ports via an armada of coaches lumbering into the carpark to transfer us to Brisbane. Unfortunately this is where the efficiency ground to a halt. In the age of automation, it seems that transport companies have forgotten how to train their staff to transmit information via antiquated yet otherwise reliable means.

No one with a badge spoke to anyone with a bag and no signage told us where to wait or in which order the coaches would depart. In the absence of information people will talk, whisper and speculate. Very quickly, speculation becomes passed on as fact. Herd mentality kicked in as any opening door or arriving vehicle was perceived as salvation. And now thick ropes of rain fell.

Eventually we found or way onto coaches observing only the law of the jungle and were delivered to Brisbane Airport. I’m still here. Thankfully so is the plane.

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