On Climate Change

Having trouble explaining to my 13 year old daughter  why the Australian government isn’t sending a Ministerial delegate to the Warsaw Climate Change Conference. I wonder how Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey explain it to their children?

If our government’s policy ambition is limited to repealing carbon tax with no credible framework to replace it, platitudes about being open for business and stopping the boats, we are certainly in for some wilderness years. Like incoming governments, our kids can be quick to blame it on the previous government and adopt nihilism as an ideology.

Abbott government to cut $435m from renewable energy agency

Word of the Day

Today we’re liking ‘rebarbative’, which the Oxford English Dictionary’s website describes as ‘unattractive or objectionable’.  It has its origins in  the Old French verb  se rebarber ‘face each other ‘beard to beard’ aggressively’, from barbe ‘beard’

Perhaps The Beards could pen a song titled Rebarbative Is Not A Dirty Word to their setlist (with apologies to Skyhooks)