Travel and music are powerfully good friends, each inspiring the other. At Surfer Rosa Communications, music fuels our professional and personal lives daily. Over The Dunes is a Spotify playlist curated and shared monthly on our home page with our clients, colleagues and friends around the world. Our aim is to inspire, delight and intrigue – or maybe all of the above! Of course, like all art, one person’s idea of a great song might sound awful to another set of ears. But like travel, discovering the new and unfamiliar can be rewarding. We hope you enjoy Over The Dunes. (You’ll need a free or premium Spotify account to listen).  We’d love to hear what you think via our Facebook page.

This one’s dedicated to the memory of David Bowie, a musical hero of mine, and for millions around the world. He will be sadly missed, but his vast legacy of music will inspire for generations to come. Vale.