747 Lands At Burning Man Festival


As festivals go, Burning Man is unparalleled and uncompromising in its vision. This year’s festival, currently underway at Black Rock City in the Nevada desert features a hollowed out 747 jet as a mobile nightclub, music and art space. ‘Passengers’ will be asked what  baggage they need to lose before being issued with an emotional baggage tag.

The landing went smoothly apparently, although reactions have been mixed.

Some think its out of place to simply ship a big machine into a festival where a lot of the art is built on site, others were underwhelmed to find that its not the entire jumbo jet (apparently there are plans for that at future festivals if all goes well).

We think recycling one of the enduring symbols of global mobility in this way is a pretty innovative intersection of art and travel. Burning Man is  reportedly expanding to Europe with a Burning Man festival in the Netherlands in 2017 (although the website appears to be still under construction). Other music festivals have already chartered and themed flights to and from the events. With more airlines buying new aircraft, they’ll be decommissioning older planes to jet graveyards, so this opens up many creative collaboration in travel, events and the arts.

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