Exploring Australia’s Greatest Landscapes the Healthy Way with Auswalk

Auswalk Walking Holidays have published a brilliant video to promote their range of guided and self-guided walks across Australia’s superlative natural landscapes.

Their goal was  to create an authentic visual portrayal of what their walking holiday experiences are about. We think their choice of using real customers instead of actors paid off. You can see and hear the passion and genuine appreciation these customers have in the experience Auswalk provided them. Seamlessly combining comfort and adventure, Auswalk operate self-guided and guided walks in all states.

I’ve travelled with them on their Great Ocean Walk and Roof of Australia walk. You hear the clack and roll of river stones in a flowing creek or the whisper of long grass yielding to your steps , feel the crunch of gravel and snap of twigs underfoot, smell the eucalyptus, wild thyme, ocean and honeysuckle and ultimately benefit from being fully immersed in nature with the feeling of being recharged and rejuvenated. Auswalk really do deliver on the promise to unplug,  unwind and be inspired by Australia’s majestic landscapes with every sense. Highly recommended!